Clear Business Writing Skills

Course Length: 2 Days
You don't need a degree in English to write effective business letters, memos, and reports. 

This two-day workshop sharpens your everyday English skills to make you a better writer at the office.  You'll learn to apply 17 effective writing principles for clear, persuasive workplace documents that are to the point.

Course Content

Resisting pressures that lead to "gobbledygook."
Experience vs. Education as a basis for writing confidence.
Serving your reader, not yourself.
Defining what is "good" job-related writing.
Using practical grammar: Clarity over "Correctness."
Organizing Ideas Quickly and Effectively.
Choosing what to include and what to omit.

Writing paragraphs to make key ideas easy to spot.
Learning how to write the "Memo Report."
Building bridges between paragraphs.
Shrinking sentences to readable size.
Keeping only what's meaningful.
Writing in the "active" voice - key to powerful writing.
Choosing the "right" key words.
Punctuating properly.
Learning the 7 "word-focus" faults for revising.
Editing techniques that place words in clear order.
Measuring reading difficulty with the Gunning Fog Index.


1. Gain confidence in your own writing skill.
2. Learn what makes for "good" job-related writing.
3. Save time and money through clear, concise documents.
4. Get what you want by writing more persuasively.
5. Evaluate your own writing objectively.

Course Workbook
Larry Peabody's
Clear Writing

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