Course Length: 2 Days

This course will give you the tools and formats needed to create crisp, clear, and readable policies and procedures. Easy-to-use policies and procedures are a critical component of an agency’s daily operation and functions. Clearly written policies and procedures bring consistency into the operation and help employees make appropriate decisions. They describe what, who, when, and how to carry out the strategic focus. You’ll learn how to Plain Talk your policies, procedures, and tasks into a readable, useable system of written direction.


How To Write a Policy in "Headline" Format:
• Using the policy planner worksheet as a thinking guide.
• 10 steps in writing readable policies.
• Identifying revisions, simply.
• 7 checksteps for revising draft policies.

How To Write a Procedure in "Playscript" Format:
• Planning a procedure with the Procedure Planner worksheet.
• Handling exceptions.
• Creating the playscript layout.
• Building in a cross-reference system.
• 9 checksteps for revising draft procedures.

How To Write a Task in Parallel "Cookbook" Format:
• Getting organized with the "Task Outliner" worksheet.
• Pointers on the effective use of the cookbook format.
• 7 checksteps for revising draft task outlines.

Adopting a Workable Numbering System:
• Identifying main categories for an operations manual.
• Creating policy-procedure-task "families" for easy reference.
• Numbering items without using decimal points.

Practical Tips for Manual Writers and Managers:
• Deciding when to write and what to write about.
• Trimming the manual to a size that encourages use.


• Identify the function and purpose of policies, procedures, & task outlines.
• Write policies in "headline" format.
• Write procedures in "playscript" format.
• Write a task outline.
• Adopt a workable numbering system.
• Determine the priority level of each piece of direction.

Larry Peabody's
How to Write Policies, Procedures, and Task Outlines: Sending Clear Signals in Written Directions


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WA. Dept. of Enterprise Services
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DES Training Center

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