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The Gregg Reference Manual
This style guide has become the business writer's Bible. It will answer your questions about punctuation, grammar, and word usage. Find out more.

The Elements of Style
Written nearly 100 years ago by a school teacher, this little book has stood the test of time, been updated several times, and still stands as one of the best style books for business writers. Find out more.

Don't Make Me Think
Steve Krug is a renowned expert in Web site usability. His book offers great insights whether you're writing content for electronic or paper documents. Find out more.

The Mother Tongue
Bill Bryson's funny and fact-filled history of our language. If you've ever wondered why English can be such a pain, this is a great read. Find out more.

Eats Shoots and Leaves
Lynn Truss takes you on a wild ride through a series of real-life punctuation foibles. After reading this book, you'll understand why it's so important to know where the marks go. Find out more.

Envisioning Information
Information design guru Edward Tufte's book on blending visuals with technical information. Find out more.
The Federal Government's site on improving communication.

The Plain Language Association International.
Steve Krug's site on Web usability.

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